About Me

Hi! My name is Nicki and welcome to my website! Prepare to have a weight lifted off of your shoulders and have no problem choosing an outfit to wear for the day or a special event! That is what Nicki’s Closets does.

I’ve helped people who thought they would never be able to get their homes and lives under control to get out of overwhelm and into action, and I can help you too.

This is my husband Brandon and our son Tagg. Brandon and I have been married for 9 years and have known each other for over 20. We live in the country on 40 acres with woods and a creek in central Indiana. We love having nature right outside our front door, plus Brandon hunts and fishes and he can do that right at home. I like to call myself high class country. LOL. I love fashion and feeling great as well as getting a little messy outside too.

In a past-life, I worked for a high-end clothing retailer, and that really honed my eye for fashion and pulling different pieces together to make something new and beautiful. My sister and my mom asked me to help them organize their closets and put together outfits for them and help them choose what to wear for special events. I guess I never really realized how much I missed that process until I was at an event, and I saw a vendor selling clothes. I loved how easily people were attracted to her, and how she interacted with the women there. You could see their smiles, and how their confidence was lifted by finding new pieces to add to their wardrobe. I remembered how I absolutely loved making women feel beautiful and having them see themselves in a different light. I got to thinking that I needed that satisfaction back in my life.

While I really loved to watch the process, I’m not married to any one particular brand myself, so going back to selling a clothing line really wasn’t attractive to me. But the idea of working with clothes people already like and have in the closet, and helping them rediscover their inner fashionista sounded like a ton of fun. I pitched the idea to my husband and he was on board right away. He wondered why I hadn’t done it earlier. I told a friend about it to talk about the idea to get another lady’s perspective, and she said, “Let’s do mine right now!” We got right to work and Nicki’s Closets was born!