How do you put outfits together?

-During the process when I’m going through the clothes, I pull out pieces that I like and set them aside. I also pull out pieces that you are not sure what to do with. i.e. how to put an outfit together around it. Once I am done organizing the closet, then I start putting outfits together. 

How do you decide what to let go?

– I go with my gut. I look and see if it is outdated or worn. If I am unsure, I will set that item aside and decide to keep it after I have gone through all of your items and then decide. 

What if it has meaning to me? Will you make me throw it away?

No! But…you cannot wear it outside of your house. 😉 

How long does it take?

-It depends on you closet and how many outfits, and how long you’d like me to work with you. But for a decently-sized closet, I can get through the purging process and hang organizing within 2-3 hours.

If I haven’t worn it for a year, should I get rid of it?
-I am not a fan of this rule. I’ve had some things that I’ve had for years. 

Coming down to sizes:
-I’ve gone through people’s closets and women fluctuate. It’s normal for us to be different sizes, but if there’s something that you see that makes you feel bad, we just need to let it go.